Greeble Goldheart

Mayor of Town


Initiative: +5, Senses: Perception +9 HP: 88, Bloodied: 44, Healing Surge Value: 22 AC: 22, Fortitude: 15, Reflex: 17, Will 19 Saving Throws: +2 (+7 vs. Fear) Speed: 5 Action Points 1

Powers: Bolstering Strike: +10 vs AC; 1D6+6 and Greeble gains 5 Temporary HP Holy Strike: +10 vs AC; 1D6+10 Radiant Damage Lay on Hands: (Minor; Encounter; Recharges when Bloodied) Target spends a Healing Surge

Skills: Acrobatics +6, Insight +9, Religion +6

Ability Scores: Str: 13 (+2) Dex: 15 (+3) Wis: 16 (+4) Con: 12 (+2) Int: 10 (+1) Cha: 18 (+5)


Greeble’s forefathers may have had many dealings with the criminal underworld in order to obtain their wealth and power (through bribes and rigged elections, the position of Mayor was retained throughout the family history), but he has no part of that. Having grown separately from the criminal element permeating his father’s so called “elected” terms, Greeble attended a school where he became fascinated by the chivalrous code of honor Paladins adhere to. Thus behind his family’s back, he completed his training and returned to Freeport when his father died. He ran for Mayor legitimately and because of the honest folk’s desire for reform, won. Greeble now stands at a shaky position that could be toppled at any point he lets down his guard.

Greeble Goldheart

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