Gothic Starlight

Journal Entry #2502

It is a tough decision in which path to choose between right and wrong. Will you choose what is right for yourself? Will you choose what is right for those that are around you? No, you will not choose. Destiny has a path chosen for you and by trying to do what you feel in your soul is right you will follow that path. I learned this from my dear sweet Krisonna. Oh how I miss her. Wer itov di sia waph.* She would call me in her native tongue. The days we had together were many compared to the days without. It seems that there is no easy path for a man with such sins of the past as I have acquired. I shall lament over Krisonna at a later date. Please my love, ssifisv persvek martivir.**

*(The Love of my Life = Draconic)
  • (Rest in Peace – Draconic)



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