Gothic Starlight

Journal Entry #2501

The time i have spent with these two i feel like i have known them for ages. It is like the fates have conspired to push the three of us into an intertwining adventure.

The bard is an interesting fellow. He annoys me and amuses me all at once. Like the friends i have back in my youth. He has a sharp tongue, which i like, and his wits are smart as well. He seems reluctant in battle though it is most likely because his actual battle skills are weak. As i ponder this it is probably because he is smart and lets myself and the genasi do all the fighting.

As far as the genasi goes, she is very naive. She seems to expect the world to revolve in a way that she knows but she is learning quickly. She will face life in a one on one confrontation in the end and at this point she will lose. I hope that she learns quickly enough to succeed when the time comes.

This dagger needs a muzzle. A psychic muzzle. He never stops making these weird noises when i’m sneaking up on someone. “ch ch ch ch, ha ha ha ha ” is by far the most annoying. I hope that in time we find a way to shut him up before he gets us killed.

sigh Enough musings for now. I must sleep.



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