Gothic Starlight


Krisonna, wife of Apollyon. Ap’s entire life had turned around since meeting her. The nightmares still haunted his sleep but her presence in the waking world calmed his soul. He appearance was mostly human except for a few slight differences. Her curves were deep though her form was still slender. Her figure was lusted after by women and men alike though she took little note. Her hair was long and golden though her self conscientiousness over her horns kept a hood on her head. He back was smooth except along her spine where the scales followed the curve of her back down to her tail which hung 5 feet from above her bottom. He feet were long and muscular, like that of a dragon, but still smooth. Her fingernails were normal in appearance but diamonds were no match in hardness. Over all she was a very beautiful woman despite being dragon-born. Her voice was quiet with a meekness that told a different story than her physical shape. It told the heart-breaking tale of a love sick little girl. He childhood was full of disappointment and woe. Her parents loved her to no ends, except in public where they hid her from the world. They told her she was beautiful, yet kept her from site. “It’s for your own good, my child. They would not understand your special features.” Her only company were the children of a few close friends of the family. They understood her uniqueness where most others wouldn’t. As she grew and matured as a woman her body shed most of her scales and formed more human than not. She was allowed to go into the open freely and attend school. It was in school where she met her first love. The young man eventually broke her heart after using her for several months. She was devastated. Krisonna had no one else to turn to except for her childhood friend Gysamber. Gys let Kris away from people who would abuse her innocence and inexperience in the world. They lived together in the dorms of the school of magic until their graduation. Gys and Kris said their goodbyes when they were picked up by different magic guilds and taken to their new homes. Kris worked furiously to become an adventurer. She wanted to move into the world, see places, and do things that mattered. She traveled on many successful campaigns against the Dark Lord of the Quon continent. She returned home after befriending a young teifling Assassin. The saw each other on a weekly basis moving to a daily basis after a short time. They shared a love that made many jealous and their lives really could not have been happier. Until. . .



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